Root Zone Mix

Keep it green!

A number of the world's best golf players and the country's best football players play on a root zone mix from Dansand A/S – manufactured at one of the world's best and most modern facilities.

Experience and modern technology forms the basis for the best root zone mix on the market today. At Dansand we know a thing or two about the mixing ration between sand, compost, sphagnum and clay. And 'Kiserit' has been added to our root zone mix optimising the ratio between potassium and magnesium. Actually the ability to deliver a world class root zone mix makes us very proud.

Root zone mixes are adapted to individual conditions and manufactured according to the United States Greenkeeper Association and European Turfgrass Laboratory’s recommendations. And we can manufacture many types, from Supergreen, USGA and California.

To ensure constant optimal quality we make sure we calibrate our computer controlled facility regularly, maintain a tight control on raw materials, check screens and always clean our trucks before loading and delivery.

We strive to deliver to on a day to day basis. We are aware of the importance of being able to finish a project as quickly as possible. An analysis for approval is made before delivery for deliveries of + 500 t - and in this instance a delivery time of approximately 10 days is to be expected.