Riding grounds

For the comfort of the horse and rider

Equestrian Sand is a science in itself. In collaboration with our English affiliate we have developed the best types of sand for the purpose.

It requires great expertise and experience to build a riding arena. And there is a big difference in riding arenas – e.g. for dressage or for a professional race track.

Common for them all is the use of sand for the base/surface. But not any kind of sand - and actually rarely the same type. Therefore we have - in close collaboration with our affiliate in England - tested a broad range of sand types to find one applicable for both show jumping and dressage grounds - without excess strain on the horse's legs.

You are also more than welcome to contact Ivan Mortensen on 86 82 58 11, if you would like to hear more about sand for riding arenas.

Sand for riding facilities

Finding the right kind of sand for riding facilities is a science in itself. Different riding styles require different surfaces. However we have now devised a type of sand which is suited to both show jumping as well as dressage and helps protect the horse’s joints.

The Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI UK) tests racing surfaces with a wide variety of horse breeds in mind, in order to ensure a perfect match between horse and sand. During the practical tests, thermal images are consulted to observe how the burden on the horse's coffin joints and croup can be reduced, during both show jumping and dressage. The various focal areas of these tests are as follows:

Show jumping: The tests conducted on the kickback and landing back stroke reveal the strain placed on the horse's back when taking off, and the burden on its coffin joints and shoulders upon landing.

Dressage: This test pays particularly close attention to the horse's contact with the floor surface and the point at which the hooves land in the sand. An excessively soft surface can cause these factors to change, thus straining the coffin joints in various ways. With the new surfacing your horse will enjoy better contact and you, the rider, will be able to exert greater control over your animal.

We have among others delivered sand for preparation of riding courses for Tina Lund, Mike Patrik Leickle, Joakim Thomsen and Wilhelmsborg Arena. Over the past three years we have also acted as suppliers to the Royal Danish Cavalry and Bernstorff Park arena.