Drop Sand

Protects children from scrapes and scratches!

Sand is not just sand. You will soon discover that if you fall on it. Dansand® Drop Sand has been specially designed for sandpits and playgrounds and certified by Dancert A/S.

Sand for playgrounds, sandpits and as cushioning surface requires a very special type of sand able to absorb impacts and therefore one that does not 'compress'.

Dansand A/S' unique Drop Sand is not only certified by Dancert A/S, it is also approved for sand pits and as a safe surface for playgrounds.

Drop Sand is a washed sand product which also meets the guidelines of BUPL - The Danish National Federation of Early Childhood Teachers and Youth Educators – on playground safety requirements. Furthermore we have treated it in a way that prevents children getting into contact with micro organisms, which can lead to eye infections.

You can use this formula in order to calculate how much Drop Sand you need: length x width x 30 cm depth = amount of m3.

1 m3 Drop Sand weighs 1.5 tons

Drop Sand® 38V / certificate G05204 is approved for drop heights of up to 2.0/2.5 metres.

We also stock coarser drop sand (15 mm). This sand is made from small, round grains that originate from the North Sea. The sand is washed and sorted and can be collected in Thyborøn. Delivery is also made to Jutland. You of course receive the relevant product certificate when purchasing our products. Our coarser drop sand is approved for use at a ayer of 350 mm and up to a drop height of 2.0 metres.

If you have any questions or need more information, we are more than happy to help you!

Should the sand pit be clean?

Dansand offers two unique sand qualities each with their advantages for sandpits and cushioning surfaces.

Clay and other impurities are cleaned out of the DANSAND® sandpit sand. Basically sandpit sand is cleaner than lake sand or beach sand, and combined with modern production methods it is easy to manufacture sand pit sand that meets playground certification requirements.

Please use this formula in order to calculate how many tons of sandpit sand you need:

width x length x 30 cm depth = amount in m3. 1 m3 of sandpit sand weighs 1.5 tons.

DANSAND® sandpit is certified according to G052-02.