Sand Fillings

Filling the void

Oven-dried sand is an ideal material for filling sewage pipes, windmill towers, hollow spaces in buildings and oil tanks, for example.

We deliver sand for all types of sand filling. Oil tanks must be bottom drained, when the sand is delivered - filling pipe and ventilation pipe must be intact - but the connection to the housing must be disconnected.

For larger oil tanks the cap must be removed and staff must be present to assist Dansand A/S' driver in important tasks such as sewer pipelines and large tanks. For security reasons the driver must remain next to the vehicle.

For larger pipes, wind mill towers and large oil tanks the hose must be fixed to the top of pipe/pipe line. 3" (50 mm/6 bar) pel pipes are often used - they can be retracted as the filling takes place. The mounting of such pipes must be performed by the contractor, before the vehicle arrives.

Unfortunately we cannot sand fill petrol tanks due to the explosion hazard.