Foundry Sand

The origin of Dansand A/S

The foundry industry was the foundation and starting point for Dansand in 1971. As a supplier to the foundry industry Dansand acquired considerable know-how about the production of quartz sand or silica sand. Quartz sand, which is used in the manufacturing of cores and moulds with synthetic binding agents such as furan and cold-box, must be well-defined and to the greatest extent possible, dust-free. Therefore a process was developed that involves scrubbing and washing the sand, as well as hydro-screening it, before kiln drying with natural gas and sorting into the final standard grading as shown in the graduation chart below.

The purpose of this process is, of course, to achieve high sintering temperatures, low foreign body content and a high degree of chemical purity, which meet our customers’ requirements in all aspects - both for foundry use as well as a wide range of industrial purposes. Apart from standard grading the process makes it possible to produce a wide range of special grading 'tailored' to our customers' needs.

100,00-0,18 mm0,08-0,11 mm
130,00-0,25 mm 0,11-0,17 mm100-300 cm2/g50-8585-150
180,09-0,25 mm0,14-0,20 mm115-150 cm2/g80-9075-85
200,13-0,36 mm0,18-0,24 mm100-130 cm2/g60-7560-75
260,13-0,36 mm0,22-0,27 mm85-105 cm2/g70-9050-60
290,18-0,50 mm 0,28-0,32 mm75-90 cm2/g60-8045-55
330,18-0,71 mm0,33-0,39 mm65-80 cm2/g55-7040-50
400,25-0,71 mm0,37-0,45 mm50-60 cm2/g83-9730-40
500,36-1,00 mm0,50-0,65 mm35-55 cm2/g75-9520-35
1000,36-2,00 mm0,75-0,95 mm20-40 cm2/g50-7015-25

Sieve series according to DIN/ISO 3310-1
MK = medium grain size
AFS = American fineness no.
TOF = Theoretical surface in cm2 per gram
GG = Grain uniformity

Additional properties (normative, depending on type of sand)
Hardness 7 mohs
Bulk weight 1,4 - 1,6 g/cm3
Humus approximately 0-1
L.O.I. approximately 0,2%
pH value approximately 6,0
Fines approximately 0,2-0,3%
Sinter 1300-1600°C
SiO2 approximately 94-99

Download industry/foundry sand data sheets here