Quality products with a history

The basis for the development of Dansand A/S was since the start in 1971 silica sand for the industry. During the first years an intense work of development was carried out in cooperation with The Danish Technological Institute in order to create a series of products, which complied with the high demands of the Danish foundry industry. Our development work enabled us to widen our range of expertise, in turn allowing us to fulfil the requests and requirements of customers from different industries. And the work led to us becoming the leading supplier of core sand for the Danish foundry industry. Quality always was in focus with Dansand, and we were among the first to get our quality system approved with an ISO 9000 certificate. Filter sand for drinking water, swimming pools , waste water treatment as well as customer designed grades for the mortar and concrete industry and a long list of other purposes bear witness of the great development currently taking place.