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Almost too good to be sand

Dansand® is Denmark's leading specialist in sand. We manufacture 350,000 tonnes of sand per year, in more than 20 different gradings - as well as a wide range of special products. Our fine quartz sand or silica sand is excavated from the subsoil in central Jutland and is the product of a 22 million year old geological process.

For us at Dansand® sand is not just sand. We are very focussed on our customers' needs and give high priority to product development. We are also market leaders when it comes to eco-friendly alternatives. Our experience, expertise and enthusiasm have made us the preferred partner - both in the professional industry and on DIY markets.

Dansand® exports approximately 1/3 of the production to neighbouring markets such as Germany, Norway, Sweden, England, France and Poland, but also to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, USA and the Caribbean.



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Dansand A/S leverer filtersand i 15 kg sække fra 1.1.16 Details

Nu kan man købe de mest gængse typer filtersand i 15 kg sække.

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